German Gotz Sasha 'Serie' dolls

Slate-eyed Pony Tail Gotz Girls 1967-8  


The Sasha dolls from the first Gotz production  show the widest variation of all the Sasha dolls as the features  were mainly hand-painted for the first three years; plus there were also face type variations - the most usually found are based on Sasha's Type III & Type IV face mould - and different hair/eye colour combinations. They also came with lots of different outfits and any doll could be found in any outfit, unlike the English production where the outfits are generally specific to the doll unless sold as a dress set. These early Gotz can be great fun to collect; one reason being that it is diffcult to have an example of every type that was made. Just when I think I have seen all the variations, I find another one!

'Unisex' Gotz Blonde 1967

These Gotz Sashas are usually known as 'unisex' dolls because they could be either a girl or boy, depending how they were dressed.  They are most often found in the apres-ski outfit (pictured above) or in cord dungarees.To me they always look like girls, they always have short hair in a type of bubble cut.  The most easily found hair colour is blonde, but there are rarer examples that have brown or red hair.    

Brunette brown-eyed No-Navel 1969  


The 'no-navel' dolls were made from 1969-70 and were made with totally different moulds from the earlier dolls.  They have longer slimmer torsos, arms and legs and do not have a navel.  In the first year, 1969, they have heavy dark eyebrows and more hand-painting like the doll pictured above; by 1970 they have sprayed eyes and much less hand-finishing.  Any hair colour or eye style can be seen with any of the three hair colours (brunette, blonde or redhead) or two eye colours (brown or blue) - making a potential total of 12 dolls in this variation alone.    

Redhead slate-eyed 'No-nose' Gotz Sasha

This is a lovely No-nose Gotz redhead from 1967.  She has slate eyes and dark skin.  Most of the no-nose dolls are fairly dark although there are some execptions; I have a no-nose boy with very pale skin and dark hair.